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Budget Savings on Post Office

Post Office has been playing a key role in supporting many businesses for years and it doesn’t stop now or at anytime soon. Post office allows you to purchase the mail and shipping services without additional charges like many other private couriers. So, post office services are always convenient for upfront quotes. Have you been visiting post office Camarillo CA these recent days?

Post office has every reasons for budget savings of your business. Here are why:

1.Accessorial fees

Unlike other private couriers, Post office doesn’t charge you with a fuel surcharge, residential surcharge, delivery are surcharge, and other accessorial fees. You wouldn’t pay anything more except the post service. The service is called Priority Mail which never surprise you with additional fees.

2.Flat Rate

Post office applies the flat rate boxes which allows you to ship any contents across the country in a literally flat rate. You only to keep the content weight not exceeding 70 lbs. Yes, it’s literally flat rate, no additional charge.

3.Saturday Delivery

Unlike other private couriers, Post Office keeps shipping at Saturday. And more good news, there is no extra charge for this “special” service. This way, Post Office can guarantee you with 2 day service. It’s faster and of course cheaper not mention the business profit you can gain for fast delivery.

4.Low Failure Rate

Post office is very professional, they assure your package delivered in one piece. The failure rate of Post Office service still stays below one percent while the private competitors are at three percent. You can soothe yourself with post office services.

5.Nationwide Reach

There are more than 35,000 post offices across the country provides you a nationwide reach. It’s the best way to ensure your packages delivered on-time and safe. Post office is the most reliable domestic shipping services.

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